About Us

Matsons LTD.

At Matsons, we offer a wide range of building supplies for all trades, beginning with the ABC’s(Aggregates, Bricks and Cement) to all manner of building materials, roofing and landscaping supplies, from the everyday essentials to specialist electrical and plumbing supplies.

As a business, we take great pride in fulfilling customer needs in a timeous manner - which is why we are committed to great availability with no fuss. We pride ourselves on being approachable; we guarantee a friendly face will always welcome any visitor when visiting any of our branches. Regardless whether a customer may be an apprentice just starting out, accomplished developer, or their family has been in the trade for generations, our services are for everyone. Our expert team will work with you to build success together. With our two conveniently located branches in Leicester, a customer is never far from expert advice, reliable service, and the highest quality building materials at the best possible prices.

We have tailored our product and service offerings to be more relevant to the dictates of customer needs, and in the process, having increased our product offerings by over 50% in the last three years. We have attempted to streamline our processes to offer a seamless, hassle-free experience from the moment a customer makes an enquiry to delivery, notwithstanding after-sales backup and friendly advice for our complete range.

Our employees have been trained by manufacturers with a view to better understand the products we carry, and are therefore always ready to offer expert advice and technical expertise whenever required, as well as being well-placed to recommend the best product for the requirement.

As we have set out to be a more sustainable business, we have gone a step further, refining our product offerings to offer as many British-produced products as possible. Not only have we taken the initiative to have primarily locally manufactured offerings, but we have gone the extra mile of identifying and selecting manufacturers based on the distance a product has to travel to reduce the Carbon impact. Furthermore, we closely monitor sustainability practices employed by manufacturers when selecting suppliers, as we try our utmost to contribute towards being a net Carbon negative firm as well as help stimulate growth in local economies. We have a dedicated pricing team whose sole task is ensuring we are offering our customers the lowest possible prices which means when you purchases from us, you can be assured that you save money on every single product.

We now carry over 15,000 products in each of our two branches, as well as going the extra mile to help our customers by offering free value-added services such as sheet-cutting, brick-matching, paint-mixing, timber-cutting and planing, custom steel cuts, custom guttering cutting and custom roofing tile cuts. This greatly reduces time on the job site for our customers, whilst offering the end-user a professional finish; not only is it convenient for our customers and end-users, but we feel we are able to responsibly recycle or re-purpose most off-cuts, dust and waste materials.